Amazon.com - November 2012

Finally, an easy to use product for my daily grind. Something to give me some new options with my coffee blends. I drink so much coffee and tea using my Keurig each day that I was starting to feel a tad guilty about how much plastic I was adding to the landfills.

I have never had the nerve to try one of these reusables since I have heard so many horror stories about them and the messes they can make. Then I saw this and said "what the heck", tried it and now will be blending my own coffees during the day...or at least some of them. I still love the convenience of the pre-made packages, but this gives me options.

Be aware that if you like a nice robust cup of coffee that it is recommended (as per the disclaimer on the lid of the product) that you will need to use an espresso GRIND. Not necessarily an espresso coffee just one that is ground a lot finer than you may be used to. This will give you a heartier cup of coffee and will be economical because you will get a bit more cups out of each 1lb.of coffee that you have ground fine.

DO NOT over fill or overly tamp down your espresso ground coffee or you WILL have some problems as I found out later on in he experiment.

While this will not replace all of my coffee needs, I will be happily experimenting with new blends and having some fun with my coffee.

******************This product is even better making tea!!!!!!!!!!***************************** I have never tried loose tea until yesterday when I thought to give the the Javajig one more test. I am so glad I did. It made a wonderful cup of tea and it seems that you may need less tea in this product than a traditional tea ball. I only filled the Javajig 3/4 of the way with Lady Grey tea and it was perfect cup for me.

Filters can easily be found at the grocery store but can easily be added on to any $25 Amazon purchase.