Does The Job Perfectly

I have a ekobrew which is a fine screen rather than a paper filter and it does a good job but leaves a certain amount of slug in the bottom of the cup and a bit of a pain to clean. Having had the cup of joe by melitta I decided to give it try. I am very happy it is really nice that the package has 2 of the units and 30 filters. Since I use this at work only since I don't have a Keurig at home yet. I use one for coffee and one for loose herbal tea. I have discovered that the only time I get sludge in my coffee now is when someone ahead of me left grounds in the carrier. Cleanup is much better and I will now only use the screen version when I run out of filters and not had a chance to buy more. I read a lot of reviews that talked about reusing filters and making their own but frankly based on the price my walmart charges for filters it is less than 5 cents a filter I'm not worrying about it. Face it if you are buying a k-cup machine you really should not worry about the cost of the paper filter because it is a lot cheaper than the k-cups themselves!