Walmart.com - December 2012

I bought my Keurig from CraigsList for $60. it is the B40 model. I was so excited until I went to buy the K-Cups. Talk about Sticker Shock!!! I went to WalMart figuring they would have the best price, but found this instead. I scanned the barcode thingy on the box, watched the video, and bought it for, I think, $5ish. I LOVE my Keurig again. It had a problem with hot chocolate, but that might have been because my son packed it in there. I also feel much better about it being so much better for the environment. I don't think we need more plastic floating around in our oceans. Because it is so easy to dump, I save the grinds and filters and put them into my compose pile. no waste! BUY THIS