YES! PERFECT! - January 2013

If I could give this product 10 stars, I would. Had given up on finding a reusable k-kup, having tried ekobrew and My K-cup, adjusting o-rings, etc that I had read about. The kups are too costly; I did the math...80 count of Caribou is $42 at SAMs, that's over $20/pound for coffee. And I couldn't experiment with other coffees. Was going to finish up this last case and either sell or give away my Keurig...THEN, I spotted this little box on the bottom shelf at Walmart in the coffee isle. 2 reusable cups for 6 bucks. What the hell, I thought..if they don't work, I'll return to Walmart.

TA-DA, it was a miracle, they worked perfectly. YEAH ! So, I went on a hunt for 4 more boxes, giving me 10 reusable cups on hand. Now, I'm a coffee aficionado, having now gotten the Baratza Encore burr grinder and Planetary Design airscape canisters to keep it all fresh (separate reviews) Simply amazing, thank you :-)