JavaJig Reusable K-Cup System

The JavaJig reusable kcup system is simply the easiest, most eco-friendly re-usable k-cup system on the market today. Why pay the high prices for the single serve, prefilled, kcup type product when you can use your own coffee to create the freshest cup of coffee available, at a fraction of the cost.

The two biggest complaints that users have with k-cups is the cost per cup and the fact that they are not friendly to the environment. The JavaJig system addresses these issues:


  • Allows you to Use your Own Coffee
  • Extract a Richer, Better Cup of Coffee
  • Provides Easy Cleanup
  • Eco Friendly Biodegradable Filters
  • Save up to 80% off Pre-Filled Pods





The JavaJig coffee filter system is uniquely designed to create a perfect cup of coffee every time. JavaJig’s environmentally friendly paper filters remove more sediment and particulates  than any other method on the market today as most mesh type filters tend to allow sediment and particulate matter through their screens. The JavaJig will provide you a cleaner, better tasting cup of coffee time after time. Purchase a JavaJig TODAY and experience the JavaJig difference!